What to say after sex

What to say after sex?

What to say when you and your girlfriend have just had sex is a very important thing. This is because if you do not say the right things, then you will forever be haunted by the memory of your words and how they made her feel. The wrong words could make her just as disappointed as you are and you will not get her back in your life again. You need to leave them having good memories and not having painful ones with thoughts of how you destroyed her world.

Think about what to say after sex and how you might have ruined it for both of you if you did not. If you had a great time, your girlfriend will be thinking about the great time that you had with her and she will be thinking about your attempts to give her that great time. However, if you had a poor time, she will be thinking about how poor the time you two spent was and she might not even be able to get into the subject of great sex. You need to consider your actions and how they affect the other person’s emotions so you can better know what to say after sex.

In some cases, you might be wondering what to say after sex if something awkward happened. For example, if your girlfriend told you that she does not think you are being nice enough about what you did to her or if you grabbed her bottom like a child when you were kissing her and did not stop, you might be wondering what to say. However, you must remember that what to say after sex is not about what made your girlfriend upset. It is about whether or not she feels proud about what she did and whether or not she thinks that it was the right thing to do.

First, you need to let your partner know that you were trying your best. After all, she gave you permission to touch her in the manner that you did not push her away because you were afraid that she was going to leave if you didn’t behave yourself. Therefore, when your girlfriend tells you that she really likes what you did to her or that she thinks you are doing a good job being a gentleman, you should accept it with both eyes open. She was the one who asked you to kiss her and you owed it to her to at least reciprocate. If you acted embarrassed or scared for her it was your mistake and you should tell your partner so.

Second, you should tell her that it was a great intimate moment between you two and that it was one of the most pleasurable experiences you have had with her. You should tell her that you feel as though it was the best thing that has ever happened to you or that it will be something that she will always remember. Women are emotional and they can tell when their partner is happy or sad. Therefore, even if you had a terrible day before you went out with her, she will pick up on your mood and the intimacy with her will make it better. Therefore, you should tell her how great it felt to have her next to you without any worries about who will see her body or whether anyone will notice that she is naked.

Third, do not be embarrassed by the fact that you were not able to perform fellatio on your partner the first time around. This does not mean that it is your fault and that she cannot do it herself. In fact, it is far better if your partner is able to perform fellatio on you than if you are unable to. This can result in a first time sexless encounter. However, if you had a great experience the first time around and were able to please her in other ways then she will be more likely to want to go back to you. The fact that you are being generous by letting her repeat what she likes helps her to relax and forget about being uncomfortable while you give her oral sex.

Fourth, you need to tell her that she rocks, especially if you had a good sex session the last time. First of all, this is not an attempt to shame her but rather a compliment. Women tend to feel self-conscious and uncomfortable when they hear a compliment like that from their male partner. If you are not feeling too good about yourself or you are unsure whether or not you were a good cocksucker the last time then do not hesitate to tell her that she rocks.

Fifth, if you had to Seduce a woman for the first time ever then you owe it to her to know what to say after sex. First of all, women love to hear that you are confident. Second, if you are not confident then you will never get the job done, and women do not like submissive men. Last but not least, if you did not use any oral techniques on her the last time and she really loves you because of it then you want to tell her that you would not mind giving her some good oral, just remember not to use too much or you might lose her attraction. This will make her happy, and your confidence will grow as time goes by.