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What is DFTBA all about?

DFTBA Baby Face

You have probably seen people using the hashtag #dftba on social and sharing images with “Don’t forget to be awesome” written all over them.

Just like I was back at the beginning of 2013, you may be curious about the origins of DFTBA and how it came to be popularised.

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Chris Marr’s top ten content marketing and business podcasts


You may have already read my short story about how I started The Marketing Academy Podcast, if so you’ll know that I’m fairly new to the world of podcasting compared to most other podcasters.

I started my journey as a listener at the end of 2013 when a good friend of mine, Andy Brown from Triple Your Clients Podcast, threw about a dozen shows at me to listen to. At the time I never realised how much of an impact it would have on me.

I recently felt inspired to jot down a list of my top 10 favourite content marketing and business podcasts, which I thought would help you if you’re either looking for a place to start listening to podcasts or if you are looking for additional marketing and business content.

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What will your answer be? TCMA 2015

Imagine it’s a few days before TCMA 2015 and I ask you “So, what have you achieved in the past 12 months?” What would you like your answer to be?

Click here to buy your ticket for TCMA 2015, which is a whole day conference and workshop taking place in Fife on 4th September 2015.

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Commitment – The 5th C for content marketing success

Content Marketing Success

If you have been following our blog and The Marketing Academy Podcast you will have read and heard me talking about the 4 C’s for content marketing success. If not, you can click here to read the related article in a new browser tab and get yourself up to speed.

In summary, the 4 C’s are:

  • Consumer
  • Curator
  • Creator
  • Consistent

These 4 elements map out a journey. Typically when most of us start thinking about publishing a blog, a podcast or a video as part of our content marketing strategy we go through these stages in logical order as we start to understand what content marketing means for us and our business.

After interviewing and chatting to many business owners of the past few years, this is very much what their journey looks like. However, I recently came to realise that there’s another big ‘C’ that should be included in this mix.

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