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How content marketing can lubricate your offline networking

Lubricate your offline networking

Pete Matthew is an IFA in the UK. He publishes a weekly podcast about budgeting and getting better with money. If someone is looking for help with their money, I will point them to his show.

Andy Brown is a Google Adwords expert. He has a podcast, blog articles and eBooks. If someone needs help with AdWords, I will share some of his content with them.

Stefan Thomas is a business networking expert. If someone needs help with business networking, I will link them to a few of his blog articles and to his book on Amazon.

Julie Christie is a photographer based in Scotland. If someone is looking for help on how to get better with photography I will send them a link to her blog articles and podcast on beginner photography.

This list can go on and on. (NB: if you’re not on the list, it’s nothing personal)

What’s my point?

For each person on this list, their content is the number one way for me to put them in front of people that I know.

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The business case for content marketing

The business case for content marketing

There are 1001 ways to market your business and you can spend your time and money on many different marketing methods. So why should you consider content marketing?

As a follow up from a previous article what is content marketing?, where I discuss several definitions of content marketing, I’d like to transition into the business case for content marketing.

By the end of this article you will understand more clearly what content marketing can do for you and your business.

This will be particularly useful to you if you have any of the following questions:

  1. How will my business benefit from content marketing?
  2. What should I expect from content marketing?
  3. Why should I bother getting to grips with content marketing?

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How can I improve the performance of my website?

Increase the effectiveness of your website

One of the major sources of frustration with most business owners is the performance of their website.

As the owner of a marketing company I often get asked “How can I improve the performance of my website?” or “Why can’t I find my website on Google?” or “How can I get my website on to the 1st page on Google?”

Essentially what these questions really mean is “how can I optimise my website for Google search?”

These kinds of questions are normally asked by business owners who have taken on the role of managing and developing their own website, and are interested in turning their website into a marketing asset that creates leads and value for their business.

These questions are based on completely valid concerns, however they are very broad. Without knowing more about your specific circumstances there could be a variety of reasons and solutions for your specific situation.

So with that in mind, let’s break the question down so we know exactly how to deal with your concerns, and look at some basic solutions to this problem.

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Why you should seriously consider Instagram


Did you know that Instagram is being cited by some of the leading social media guru’s as THE social platform for 2015? It’s hot in discussion forums, podcasts and blogs, and I’m loving it too.

We’ve also been discussing Instagram a lot in our private Facebook page – click here to to join the chat!

In this edition of the Content Marketing Companion I’m going to share with you my Instagram experience, the reasons you should consider Instagram, and finish up with some fantastic content that we’ve gathered to help you get started and to develop your Instagram strategy.

“Do you still think Instagram is only for sharing pictures of your food? If so, you’re missing out on a huge way to reach followers to grow your business.” – Sue B. Zimmerman

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Chris Marr’s Business Toolbox: Send better email with Mailchimp


This article is part of Chris Marr’s Business Toolbox series: weekly articles dedicated to showcasing awesome business applications and software that you can use to save you time, reduce stress and grow your business!

Do you know someone that doesn’t have an email address? If you do, it’s probably only one or two people – maybe your parents or grandparents?

I don’t know a single person that doesn’t have an email address. At the time of writing this you still need an email address to subscribe and sign up for almost everything on the Internet.

The reason I ask is because you may be questioning the importance of email communication and marketing these days, especially with all the spam in our email inboxes.

I can assure you that email remains a very important way to communicate.

In a recent article I outline the 6 marketing methods I have used to establish Learning Everyday, and email communication is one on that list! Click here to read more in a new tab.

However, there’s a big difference between sending normal email via your email client like Outlook or Gmail, and sending a professional looking email through an application like Mailchimp.

There are a huge number of business benefits to using Mailchimp, and if you are not yet using an email application to send professional looking emails to your audience, then I highly recommend that you read on.

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